The gift of giving

The older I get, the less I find I need (or want) when it comes time for Christmas and birthday wish lists. This year I guided my office to stop the exchange of gifts and instead adopt a family that does not have the means to make their holiday wishes come true. We had a very successful fund raiser and now have a nice pot of cash to help this family put gifts under the tree and a hearty meal on the table. This feels so much better than having to drag home some new nick knack that will simply get thrown into our already overstuffed closets. I was so inspired by this that I suggested to my husband that we do the same thing. We’ve found that many of our own friends and family find themselves in the same situation in that they already have most of their needs met (and then some), so instead of exchanging gifts with them, we have adopted a family of our own. I would urge you all to look for programs like this in your area and participate in them.

Another project of mine was to help fund educational needs through proposals posted on I’ve submitted a substantial funding request to my company’s foundation and hope that it will get selected so that some of the kids in the Bay Area may get some exciting new learning experiences thanks to my efforts. I highly recommend checking out DonorsChoose and see if any of the proposals catch your eye. The nice thing is that you do not have to completely fund any given proposal, you can simply donate the amount you see fit.

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