Chris & Heather’s Record Round-Up Music Jamboree

Friday night I ended up at Hideout for what turned out to be one of the funnest shows I have ever gone to. It was a mulit-media celebration of Scott Ligon’s 35th birthday. Who is Scott Ligon you might ask? I had no idea! But after Friday night I do know that he is an extremely talented “singer song-writer” and that he plays in a band called Western Elstons and that he has a really great group of friends and family. It was as though I had crashed a family party in their grandpa’s basement and at once felt like an undercover agent and a member of the family. The Christmas lights, wood paneling and oversized stuffed fish on the wall really helped add to that atmosphere. The night started off with Scott’s brother, Chris playing piano and singing songs he wrote. There was even a skit where one of the gals in the group depicted a “knocked up french girl”. They moved through a number of songs (including such family hits as “Poop Ghost”) and various members of the party got up and played an assortment of instruments, all showcasing their wide range of talent. During some of the songs, they played a slide show of what I imagine were all familiar images from Scott’s life. Parts of the evening were also filled up with film clips from the 60’s and 70’s (and maybe earlier?). There were a lot of old country western stars singing and playing guitar, most (but not all!) of which I could not readily identify. They also threw in some great old commercials as well as movie previews that were all priceless. We then cut to the Beatles first performance on the Ed Sullivan show. It was 25 minutes of girls screaming and guys coming out and turning Ringo’s drum set around – The Ringo Rotisserie! This part of the night reminded me of a great episode of This American Life about blowing your big break. A couple got booked to do their comedy act on this exact Ed Sullivan show. At the time they (nor anyone else) hadn’t any idea the magnitude of the event they were witnessing, which made it that much worse that they totally blew it! After the Beatles film, Kelly Hogan sang a few with Scott (and various members from the group playing this instrument or that). This girl can sing like nobody’s business. She and Scott did a lot of great old country western tunes, most (but not all!) of which I could not readily identify. There were also a couple jazz numbers thrown in there for good measure. After some more musical numbers and some more film clips, the night ended with Scott’s band Western Elstons (a nice play on Chicago street names I might add) jamming their hearts out. I was grinning ear-to-ear the entire night. I had to get up early to work, but just could not bring myself to leave this jamboree. I felt a little sad when it ended knowing that I could not call any of these people up tomorrow and hang out with them again.

Photographic evidence can be found here…

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