The Command Center in Full Effect

Last Friday Billy’s house was transformed once again into its alter ego, The Command Center. The place was filled with cute girls wearing black slips over their jeans and guys with dirty hair. Featured were 3 great bands form various parts of the country. Upon arrival I discovered I had missed The Secretariat, but when asked if they had played a good set, the guy in the blue jacket nodded yes. The follow up was a lively band called Jesus and the Devil who really rocked the house. Unfortunately there cannot be an unbiased review of this fantastic band because they handed out free stickers. The headliners were from the backwoods of Connecticut and called themselves Breed Extinction. OK, maybe it isn’t the backwoods, but doesn’t that sound great? Either way, the band rocked. Billy described them as “a little bit screamy” but all I know is the drummer was strumming my pain with his fingers… err, pounding it with his drum stick…um, well you get the point. You won’t want to miss future Command Center events.

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