Of mice and women

I recently stumbled across the latest Modest Mouse album (you know the one that isn’t being released for another week?) and have my very own illegitimate copy. Don’t worry, I still have full intentions of camping out for it so I can purchase it at midnight next Tuesday, April 6th. I must say, it is good and I am thrilled to get to hear it after these last 7 months of being teased. As you may or may not know they were originally going to release it in September of ’03. Ever since, their weekly newsletters have been trying to get me to buy a new single on vinyl, or a remastered version of an album I already have. Who the f*ck remasters an album that was made 4 years ago? I understand remastering some classic Beatles stuff that was recorded analog stylee 30 years ago and actually improving the distributed recording, but how much improvement do you get in 4 years time? Anyway, enough of my soapbox… point is, I love Isaac and adding to the many songs I can listen to that he is responsible for makes me jovial.

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