New and improved

Today’s Borowitz Report is rather funny (although I guess it is pretty much everyday).

One day after Madonna suffered a broken collarbone while riding a horse on her forty-seventh birthday, scientists successfully cloned the music superstar to enable her upcoming world tour to proceed as planned.

It reminds me of a movie I saw at Sundance a couple years ago called It’s All About Love. The female main character (played by Claire Danes) was a world famous ice skater. Her managers, distressed that she might quit and that they’d be out a shit load of money, decided to clone her. That way if she ever quit, died, what have you, her persona could continue on. Ultimately the movie was kind of long and boring, but it was an interesting idea. When a human becomes a commodity for their image or ability, it is no wonder one would want to grow them on trees. It is difficult for us to say goodbye to eras. I wonder if this is because something (or someone) was actually that good, or if we simply fear that it will never be that good again.

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