I felt that pain

Well I guess I wasn’t the only person who suffered from Wells Fargo’s outages yesterday. I had gone in to get the certified check needed to complete our real estate transaction and they could not verify the funds in our account and in turn could not “certify” a check. After many hours, the system was still not up and the bank VP had to approve they cut a check even though they couldn’t verify the funds. Too bad I didn’t know about this ahead of time to somehow exploit it. 🙂

My other thought on real estate – at least we got a loan. Sounds like had we waited a few days, we would have joined the club of other qualified buyers unable to get funding.

Now we begin the tasks of packing up all of our stuff (blech) and painting (weee!). Hopefully we’ll have that all done this weekend and then labor day weekend, we can move! We’ve managed to recruit a few generous friends to help us with the moving process, which is so awesome. Fortunately we don’t have much stuff to begin with so the move should go super fast with the extra hands.

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