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Kittens to the rescue

Occasionally when browsing photos on Flickr I will click on a thumbnail and get a message that says “This photo falls outside your current SafeSearch filter. You can click through to see it if you want.” And you have the option to click through or to return home. (For the record, the images that have given me this message have never been remotely unsafe [however I’ve stumbled on a number of photos that probably SHOULD have given me that message that didn’t *shivers*])

Anyway, today I clicked through so I could see this (very safe) image and noticed this banner at the top

Ha! I love it. The chosen escape route is to the kitten pictures (which admittedly I’ve spent many hours looking at).


Kids just (really don’t) love Santa

I came across a gallery dedicated to pictures of kids with Santa who would rather be anywhere but near this weird hairy dude. This gallery catalogs many generations of red faced screaming children atop the laps of jolly old St. Nicks. I am still laughing.


Political Vigilantism

Apparently someone was repeatedly stealing campaign signs from a SLC resident’s front yard. The resident got so frustrated that he strung bells to the sign and slept in his living room, fully clothed, so he could catch the culprit. His strategy worked and he nabbed himself a 52-year-old Heintz who said that he had “been involved in a ‘strange incident’ and didn’t know why he did it.”


Cities made of Jello


Search term highlights

Some of the search terms that have lead people to this blog:

— get back in the kitchen where you belong
— if i go crazy well then will you
— monkeys scratching butts pictures
— monkeys that lick millipedes
— pee a line for the bathroom


Xanadu Dreams

Last year I was thrilled to find the Castro Theatre playing my favorite childhood movie, Xanadu. I relayed this information to MD with great enthusiasm of which he could not relate. Upon googling the movie, we discovered it had been bestowed a couple of awards — from the Razzies. We arrived to find people in their roller skating garb and full of Xanadu energy. When the movie started I, along with the rest of the crowd, sang along at full volume with each song. Everyone reacted out loud to each delightfully kitsch scene. I turned briefly from the screen to find MD asleep. This is a man who has never in all the years I have known him fallen asleep while watching a movie. No matter if it is the most boring film ever and we are snuggled comfortably on the couch, you will not even find his lids getting heavy. But there we were surrounded by a crowd of singing, dancing, hooting and hollering Xanadu fans and he was out like a light. He concluded it was “self preservation” and he may have been right.

Anyway, the point is that Xanadu has arrived on broadway! James Wolcott attended a preview performance and you can find his review here. I am so on my way to NYC.


The controversy of Moroni’s coffee habit

Moroni A local coffee shop in Utah created a hit t-shirt depicting coffee flowing into the Angel Moroni’s trumpet. Apparently the church was not very happy about this. According to them, Moroni is a registered trademark of the church’s. To make matters worse, the Mormons do not believe in drinking coffee so this use of their angelic symbol really irked them.

If anyone is in the Taylorsville area anytime soon – I’d love if you could pick one of these t-shirts up for me at Just Add Coffee.


If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?

Your results:
You are Superman

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

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Will the fake chipmonkey please sit down

I was googling myself recently to see what other Chipmonkeys are doing out there and clicked on the “video” tab of the google search only to discover this gem of a video. Between his voice and the subject matter, it had me giggling so I figured I should share.


Mmmmm… porky!

To celebrate the upcoming Year of the Pig, China has put out a stamp that not only has the cutest picture of pigs, but apparently with a little scratch and sniff action smells of sweet and sour pork and more importantly tastes like sweet and sour pork when you lick it. I have to get my hands on some of these.


Turning Water Into Wine (alternately titled: Turning Delicious “Chik’n” Nuggets into Coal”)

I stepped into the house this evening and it smelled as if someone were cooking. Knowing that my man was not home, I thought it curious. I walked into the kitchen and happened to glance at the toaster oven, noticing small black chunks inside it. Upon further inspection I recognized the shapes to be my favorite Morning Star Farms Chik’n Nuggets. Apparently Mike put these babies in the toaster oven last night only to be reacquainted with them when he was running out the door this morning. It’s a wonder the house didn’t burn down. I guess this is why he generally leaves the cooking to me 🙂

The best part is that they actually kind of sparkle. I wonder if we left them in a little longer if they’d turn from coal to diamonds.


The unintended consequences of war

Apparently the Israeli/Lebanese war is causing sky rocketing pirces in the cannabis industry.

Boosted security on the Lebanon frontier brought a drastic reduction in drug smuggling, with the cost of cannabis in Israel up eight-fold, the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported on Tuesday



It looks like my outter nerd and my inner hip hopper found something they could both love equally, meet MC Frontalot and the Nerdcore movement.

Here is a little glimpse at the upcoming documentary…

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He’s a snake girl!

So you think your relationship is tough? Try falling in love with and marrying a cobra. I can’t imagine the cost of feeding 2,000 guests. Wait… 2,000 guests??? I wonder if those were actual guests or just specatators who wanted to say they saw this unusual union.


Sov ‘n Slow

Look who was on the front page of Yahoo this morning…

As you may know already, Zach Slow raised his $10,000 and got the girl, as they say. You can find a recap of the night (with pics!) here.

And here are a couple pictures from the show that I took…

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It’s a group effort (alternatively titled If you love Lady Sovereign… and you know you do)

That crazy Zach Slow is up to some joyful new sheeeeeenanigans. And it is worth checking out. It is even better to participate. Besides who wants to miss the latest from the one and only Jelly Donut?

I am issuing a challenge grant… (I should probably set a maximum on this amount, huh?) any of you folks who make a contribution to these efforts, I will match your contribution dollar for dollar so let me know if you donate.


I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore (thank god)

Looks like Kansas is really cracking the whip on underage marriage, raising the minimum age requirement from 14 all the way to 15 – way to go Kansas!

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Let ‘er jip!

I never realized until I tried to write it today, that jipped (as in- I got ripped off or missed an opportunity) is not an actual word. I kept typing it and it just looked wrong, and Microsoft was affirming this. It is a word I hear (and use) in speech, but do not see in writing. While Merriam-Webster may not acknowledge this red headed step child of the English language, Urban Dictionary does and that is enough for me.

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Can you plagiarize density… I mean destiny?

I totally read your book like 3 or 4 times in the last couple years, but totally didn’t even realize that it had so many similarities to the book I wrote right after that!
Oh pahleeez…

UPDATE: Borowitz Report had and awesome note on this today…

Elsewhere, when asked how it felt to publish her first novel and then be charged with plagiarism, author Kaavya Viswanathan said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

UPDATE:Looks like the publisher yanked her deal…


Knit Wit

While my days of constantly wandering through alleyways and train yards in search of the latest pieces may be over (or at least seriously reduced), I still follow what I can of the graffiti world thanks to my friend the Internet. I recently stumbled upon this creative new take on street art. Read all about the Knitta Please crew.


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