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Destructive Ignorance

We are days away from the election and I must say I am buzzing with anticipation. I think I’m going to follow in tangobaby’s lead and vote early. Hopefully without all the delays and judges and petitions and things.

I am not writing to tell you about my desire to vote early, however, I am writing to express my complete disgust with many people’s lack of desire to critically analyze the presidential candidates. I am not here promote one candidate or another, but to urge you to find out the facts about the matters that concern you most and please don’t base your decisions on the results you got by adding letters to the names of candidates.

“I can not vote for the Obama Biden team because it’s like voting for Osama Binladen. See if you change the B with an S in Obama, it becomes oSama and then insert the insert NLA after the”i” in Biden and it becomes biNLAden for OSAMA BINLADEN”

That is part of an actual email chain that I managed to get onto. It is disturbing to me that this person is less than the usual seven degrees of separation from me.

Please don’t let yourself be caught up in non-sense because it is very likely distracting you from the things that should actually be upsetting you. Imagine if you will, what we might be missing while we are caught up in conversations about anagrams and lipstick.


The death of a Chicago icon (alternatively titled: farewell Pigeon Man)

I just read a very sad story that the Pigeon Man I used to always see perched on a fire hydrant covered in pigeons when I drove past Lincoln Square was hit and killed yesterday. Goodbye Joseph Zeman, your presence will be missed by many.
(photo credit: aestheticheart)


Xanadu Dreams

Last year I was thrilled to find the Castro Theatre playing my favorite childhood movie, Xanadu. I relayed this information to MD with great enthusiasm of which he could not relate. Upon googling the movie, we discovered it had been bestowed a couple of awards — from the Razzies. We arrived to find people in their roller skating garb and full of Xanadu energy. When the movie started I, along with the rest of the crowd, sang along at full volume with each song. Everyone reacted out loud to each delightfully kitsch scene. I turned briefly from the screen to find MD asleep. This is a man who has never in all the years I have known him fallen asleep while watching a movie. No matter if it is the most boring film ever and we are snuggled comfortably on the couch, you will not even find his lids getting heavy. But there we were surrounded by a crowd of singing, dancing, hooting and hollering Xanadu fans and he was out like a light. He concluded it was “self preservation” and he may have been right.

Anyway, the point is that Xanadu has arrived on broadway! James Wolcott attended a preview performance and you can find his review here. I am so on my way to NYC.


It’s so wrong

I guess it is Fashion Week in Milan and apparently leggins are the new must have items… for MEN?!?



There is much hub bub going on in my fair city this week as Macworld is going on. One of the more popular topics, as I am sure you have heard, is the flashy new iPhone, which Hugh MacLeod so cleverly sums up here. Turns out iPhone is a Cisco Systems trademark and they aren’t particulary happy that Apple is making it their own.


The unintended consequences of war

Apparently the Israeli/Lebanese war is causing sky rocketing pirces in the cannabis industry.

Boosted security on the Lebanon frontier brought a drastic reduction in drug smuggling, with the cost of cannabis in Israel up eight-fold, the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported on Tuesday