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The Great Quake

I got off the BART this morning and was heading to my office when I see a woman standing next to me in period clothing. I did a double take, but didn’t think too much of it, I mean I am in San Francisco. As I got further down the street I was passed by another woman in period clothing. It is 8:00 am for crying out loud, what the hell is going on? Ah yes, today is the 100 year anniversary for the great San Francisco Earthquake and I guess they had folks gathering at Lotta’s fountain for a remembrance.

I have never been in an earthquake and I am fairly confident that will change now that I am here. At least I hope it will.

Update: Looks like the SFist has some better coverage on the event.


(anything but a) Beautiful day in the neighborhood

Looks like another lovely week coming up… last I checked I was living in San Francisco, not Seattle. Bah!

The rain is breaking levees and breaking records but it is also breaking my spirits.


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