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The beauty of mass transit

My car died. I was thinking of having her cremated, but I think I may try resuscitation instead. In the mean time I am becoming well acquainted with the busses and commuter trains of my fair city. It is actually quite peaceful… I think even if my car does take on zombie form, I may leave her for the long, predictable, strong, silver bullet anyway – at least for my commute. There is a distinct comaraderie on the train, which I am not currently part of. I suspect however that my steady attendance on the 7:04 am and 4:53 pm train will soon be rewarded with first name greetings and funny stories from the conductor. “Good morning Miss Amber. I tell ya’, after what I said at church last night, they think I am straight crazy [insert jovial laugh here].” I will smile and nod and hope he cannot smell on my breath what I was doing last night while he was in church.