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Imagination is more important than knowledge

“Spacial Entrepreneur”

Last night I spent the evening listening to the great Henry Rollins rant for 3 hours straight. He did a spoken word performance at the Congress Theatre. I’ll tell you it was worth every penny and every minute spent. Nothing moves me like an educated, well-informed person. I mean it might be easier for me to relate to Rollins because I share many of his views, but I feel he speaks in such a way that no matter how close minded you are and no matter how much you disagree with him, you walk away learning something new, you walk away wanting to know more. I appreciate passion. I appreciate an insatiable hunger for information. I wish more people paid attention to what is going on around them.

“Success through the power of positive real-estate!”

So my roommate is in the process of buying a house or condo. Today we looked at some places. One of my favorite past times is looking at apartments and houses. I love seeing the insides of the places. I enjoy cringing at the dumps and being struck with envious awe when I see places nicer than my own. It kind of makes me want to be a grown up and own my own place. Funny.

“When I am missing you to death”

I have been experiencing a serious amount of self-realization lately. There are a number of things that have set this off which I will not go into here. Let’s just say for the first time in my life I am communicating with those around me on a very authentic level that I was not aware I was capable of. I have always been the “I’m fine” girl when in reality things are rarely fine. Those closest to me know very well that I withhold emotions and that I have passive aggressive tendencies, and they have learned to interpret my moods according to other indicators such as body language. I have decided very recently that this is not a healthy way to live, not for myself and definitely not for those who care about me. With that being said, I have a certain new insight on myself and my relationships with others and it is straight blowing me out of the water. Life is a beautiful thing. It is funny as you get older you realize how dumb you were.

If you’re not angry you’re just stupid or you don’t care -ani difranco


When did half turn into three quarters?

Today was a lovely day off… funny that of all holidays they decide to give us Presidents day off – but you won’t hear me complaining. There is nothing like a winter break I figure.

I spent the day exploring the Museum of Science and Industry. I went to see the Oscar Statuettes on display. Kind of a cool thought that these little guys will be in the hands of some talented actor or writer or director in just a couple of weeks. Aside from the Oscars, the most disturbing and hypnotizing display of all is the dead baby exhibit. Okay perhaps I should use the correct term “The Prenatal Exhibit”. This exhibit shows REAL specimens at various stages of a pregnancy. I am an extremely squeamish person but for some reason could not pull myself away from these deceased embryos / fetuses / babies. Knowing that nightly nightmares were already inevitable I promptly moved to the “Human Body Slices”. There is nothing like seeing the anal sphincter from the inside.


This is the sound of settling

I walked out of the house this morning wrapped in many layers, which you just do when you live in Chicago and it is winter. However much to my surprise I found that it was pleasantly warm. OK so it is ACTUALLY only 31 degrees, but perhaps just the gleaming sun made me feel warm. I even rolled down the window for my drive and I thought to myself that perhaps Punxsutawney Phil is totally full of shit. At least I hope he is.

Last night I watched one of my all time favorite films… Harold and Maude. I want to be Maude when I grow up. It made for a nice remembrance of she who is departed. I miss you everyday my dear friend and a very happy birthday to you…

Oh it is VD… I am sure I could come up with some cynical statement about what a ridiculous holiday it is, however I won’t because surely one day I will be madly in love and revel in the sugary saccharine that is VD. For those love birds out there… have a great one 🙂