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Of mice and women

I recently stumbled across the latest Modest Mouse album (you know the one that isn’t being released for another week?) and have my very own illegitimate copy. Don’t worry, I still have full intentions of camping out for it so I can purchase it at midnight next Tuesday, April 6th. I must say, it is good and I am thrilled to get to hear it after these last 7 months of being teased. As you may or may not know they were originally going to release it in September of ’03. Ever since, their weekly newsletters have been trying to get me to buy a new single on vinyl, or a remastered version of an album I already have. Who the f*ck remasters an album that was made 4 years ago? I understand remastering some classic Beatles stuff that was recorded analog stylee 30 years ago and actually improving the distributed recording, but how much improvement do you get in 4 years time? Anyway, enough of my soapbox… point is, I love Isaac and adding to the many songs I can listen to that he is responsible for makes me jovial.


Conspiracy theories and pop icons

I got tickets to see the one, the only Madonna.
All my life I have pretty much refused to pay more than $20 for a concert ticket, no matter how much I love the artist. Recently Laurie invited me to see Prince with her. I was very excited about this but realized I would have never tried to get tickets for that show. After talking with Dave J. he made me realize that you just gotta decide what it is worth to you. I started thinking about what shows I might pay big money for. One that crossed my mind was Madonna (and I did not even know there was a tour coming up). I mean I have not listened to Madonna on any regular basis since the 6th grade, but when I do hear her I love it and I know for a fact it will be an amazing production. Friday I was perusing Pricketmaster looking for other shows and saw this Madonna link. Read the rest of this entry »


The Looking Glass

This morning I spent my time volunteering at the annual Spring Pledge Drive for Chicago Public Radio. The highlight of this event was the point at which I walked up to the coffee and bagel table and found myself standing next to Ira Glass. I was very excited and did not quite know what to say. As I turned back to make my introduction, he was gone- sneaky ninja. Just seeing him in person was a pretty neat experience for me all the same.

I am such an NPR junkie that I felt volunteering would be a great experience for me, and boy was I right. Being surrounded by a bunch of other NPR addicts allows you to refer to Bob, Gretchen, or Ira and have them actually know who you are talking about. It is funny how we all talk about them as if they were our close friends, which to some degree I suppose they are. I spend my mornings catching up on world news with Bob, my lunches getting informed about numerous fascinating topics with Gretchen and spend Friday nights or Saturday afternoons with Ira. Who needs a boyfriend?


Noble Gone Missing

Well it looks like Jen may be putting in a bid on a condo. I am excited about getting a new place, but I am also feeling the heartbreak of moving from Noble Street. I love my neighborhood and my neighbors. After my traumatic experience with the Noble Pantry owner, I feel very close to those guys and will miss the familiar hellos. Not to mention Billy- what a great guy. He has recently started a small new publication about Noble Street. My birthday party was featured in the first issue and I have a small review article being published in an upcoming issue… it is all very exciting. Of course the brief walk to David and Brigid’s is great and the overall convenient location is unbeatable. Huh, with all these wonderful perks it is no wonder that condos around here are crazy expensive.


The Command Center in Full Effect

Last Friday Billy’s house was transformed once again into its alter ego, The Command Center. The place was filled with cute girls wearing black slips over their jeans and guys with dirty hair. Featured were 3 great bands form various parts of the country. Upon arrival I discovered I had missed The Secretariat, but when asked if they had played a good set, the guy in the blue jacket nodded yes. The follow up was a lively band called Jesus and the Devil who really rocked the house. Unfortunately there cannot be an unbiased review of this fantastic band because they handed out free stickers. The headliners were from the backwoods of Connecticut and called themselves Breed Extinction. OK, maybe it isn’t the backwoods, but doesn’t that sound great? Either way, the band rocked. Billy described them as “a little bit screamy” but all I know is the drummer was strumming my pain with his fingers… err, pounding it with his drum stick…um, well you get the point. You won’t want to miss future Command Center events.


She agonizes and atomizes

History haunts me
Like no other
Drunk with reminiscing

As you move through the present
It becomes familiar
And you get lost in it
Forgetting where you come from
But if you do not learn your lessons
History will repeat itself
Time and time again

A simple hello
Turn into a roller coaster
It is fun for a moment
And then you get scared
And then you get sick
And then it stops
And it is like it never happened

Don’t you place your fears on me
I cannot stand your jealous upheaval
This decision was not mine
So do not punish me if I choose not to make it
The hand I never wanted to let go of in the first place


Green with envy

Ah St. Patrick’s day is a jolly ol’ holiday. Rachel came into town, which was great. On Sunday morning we got up and immediately started drinking mimosas to prepare for the Southside Irish Parade. By 9 am the two of us had polished off a bottle of champagne. The bus ride down to the Southside consisted of a lovely homemade concoction of vodka and Gatorade. I think it is important to hydrate while getting drunk, and what better way? We even managed to actually watch some of the parade, although I think we were offending the people who had their children there. Didn’t they expect drunks at the parade? We all sported the Team Tanked shirts (which were a product of yours truly) and they were a big hit. People began asking how one became part of Team Tanked. Benji decided that the new recruits must give him head, unless of course it was a guy, then they would have to give me head.

It was a remarkable day and a momentous celebration of friendship and the booze, err… BONDS, that hold us together. The bus ride home was a little bit rough. Travis was throwing up, Laurie passing out, Rachel talking to strangers and Jen and Paul were breaking up again… although perhaps those turn out to be best stories to tell later.


Wetting one’s whistle

Tonight I went to Tuman’s with Jen and Mike. It is a great watering hole that was once an alcohol abuse recovery center. You know, when an entire establishment falls off the wagon it makes your own pitfalls with alcohol seem less significant. It was once a really dirty hole in the wall, but they closed down and remodeled and now it is a respectable kind of place. Best thing about it is the beer is priced as if there were still rats running through the walls.



Yesterday I spent my morning with a lovely southern bell that I now officially call my academic advisor. She is one of those types of women that you think about when you see the bumper stickers that say, Well behaved women rarely make history. She is fiery and encouraging and led me to believe that she does actually have concerns for me individually as a person and as her student. She also reminded me that I am capable of doing whatever it is my heart desires. I am excited that my degree is finally within sight after these many, many years of college. I will be attending school full time and continuing to work full time. Yes perhaps I suffer from masochistic tendencies, but that is another story. I am somewhat stressed out about it, but I have learned that I am not very good with my free time – I tend to waste it. The best way for me to utilize my time is to fill it up to capacity.
Number one reason I am excited for next quarter: Writing about Film: Understanding and Interpreting the Western. Yes that is one of my classes. And yes it should be excellent.

Last night I ate some yummy Chicago style deep-dish pizza. It is funny because as a general rule, I only eat it when I have guests in town. For dessert I saw Starsky and Hutch. Two words- Huggy Bear. Oh wait… two more words- “DO IT!”
I was laughing my arse off. Now I knew that Snoop was as skinny, but seeing him unclothed made me realize why he is probably packing heat all the time – I think Kate Moss could break him. He looks so fragile and delicate- like a sickly child. Very strange. Anyway I would really like to score me a Ford Gran Torino if you know of any. That muscle car got my loins all in a quiver. Hmmmm… That v8 gave me a straight 6 if you know what I am saying… Muahahaha.


R2-D2 Spawn?

I went and saw Robot Stories. It was a great show that consisted of 4 unusual stories that could perhaps be labeled as Sci-Fi. First you got to watch a cardboard egg that was pretending to be a baby and learned its first language from R2-D2… it really made me afraid for motherhood. Second this Grandma flaunted her insanely awesome Micro Machine collection to her dying son. Third story was all about android sex- BEAUTIFUL. Last was a story about downloading all of your memories before you die so that you may live on eternally. That was cool, but I already do that so you know…


Episodes from a laundromat…

I love laundry day. The smell of freshly laundered clothing is very comforting to me. I find that my trips to the Laundromat turn into my Zen time. It is a solid 1 to 2 hour span of time where I have virtually no distractions outside of the switch from washing to drying. I usually take this opportunity to read or write letters to friends back home. If I am lucky the time is spent in observation of the mad world that is around me. This laundry day was of the latter. As I am folding my downy fresh garments three young girls no older than 8 are behind me calculating how to retrieve the final plastic egg out of a quarter machine. This machine encages an unusual metal chicken painted an unnatural yellow color. Read the rest of this entry »