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Open source finds home outside the digital realm

Some students at the IT University at Copenhagen were challenged to apply open source ideals to “real” life (you know, that stuff that occurs outside of digital life). They decided to create the first open source beer. They have published their recipe, including branding and design components, under the Creative Commons License which entitles anyone to use and change the recipe as they see fit (and even profit from it), they just also have to publish their version under the same license. Vores Øl (Our Beer), Version 1.0, is a “medium strong beer (6% vol) with a deep golden red color and an original but familiar taste.” They also brew it with Guarana which is basically naturally occurring caffeine – man do they know their target market or what?

Why beer?
Why not? We all like beer, and as an added bonus there is a legendary quote used to explain the concept of free software (now usually referred to as open source software):

“Free software” is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”.

We think that our open source beer is a nice twist on this quote, and we think it is interesting to see if our beer grows stronger in out in the free and perhaps one day becomes the Linux of beers. Who knows?

You can read a little more about it here and A LOT more about it if you speak Danish.

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Tell me why?

Argh… Lollapalooza has released the schedule/lineup for next weekend. I am a little bit annoyed because they have bands starting and ending at the same time on different stages. I don’t understand why they aren’t staggering start times. I am disappointed that I am going to have to choose to either miss a show or watch half of one and half of another. There just really is no reason for them to NOT stagger start times. Damn it!

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Best of…

Best of Craigslist has been updated.
Some of my favorites this go round…
They say honesty is the best policy and I agree. I think this is a good strategy. Lazy girl seeks same in boy form
And because I also get annoyed with spelling a grammatical errors (although I am sure I make them) I was amused by Missed connection with the apostrophe
And don’t miss My Ipod Shuffle thinks I’m Gay
UPDATE: Oh wait, I just found this… HAHAHAHA!

Ohh ooh! Post Secret updated too!


Survey Says…

Apparently “loafing” around on the internet is the most popular form of slacking off at work these days says It is funny because we have a temp right now. She doesn’t have much to do other than answer phones and she brought a magazine with her today to entertain herself during slow parts of the day. I thought to myself as I walked past the front desk “Why doesn’t she just surf the net, at least then she looks busy?”

The average worker admits to frittering away 2.09 hours per day, not counting lunch, according to the report. That’s far more time than the roughly one hour per day employers expect the average employee to waste, the report said. The extra unproductive time adds up to $759 billion annually in salaries for which companies get no apparent benefit, the report said.

Wow when you put into BILLIONS of dollars, it kind of makes you think… anway, back to frittering away my expected 1 hour for the day 😉

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Chris & Heather’s Record Round-Up Music Jamboree

Friday night I ended up at Hideout for what turned out to be one of the funnest shows I have ever gone to. It was a mulit-media celebration of Scott Ligon’s 35th birthday. Who is Scott Ligon you might ask? I had no idea! But after Friday night I do know that he is an extremely talented “singer song-writer” and that he plays in a band called Western Elstons and that he has a really great group of friends and family. It was as though I had crashed a family party in their grandpa’s basement and at once felt like an undercover agent and a member of the family. The Christmas lights, wood paneling and oversized stuffed fish on the wall really helped add to that atmosphere. The night started off with Scott’s brother, Chris playing piano and singing songs he wrote. There was even a skit where one of the gals in the group depicted a “knocked up french girl”. They moved through a number of songs (including such family hits as “Poop Ghost”) and various members of the party got up and played an assortment of instruments, all showcasing their wide range of talent. During some of the songs Read the rest of this entry »


Painting finally acts its age

American Gothic by Grant Wood turns 75 this month. It is on display at The Art Institue of Chicago. Stop by and wish it a happy birthday. If you would like to delve a little deeper into the life and times of this famous painting, check out Steven Biel’s book “American Gothic: A Life of America’s Most Famous Painting”


More fun with Googlemaps

Now you can track routes you might walk/run/bike with this Gmap Pedometer tool and it will give you your mileage. (Thanks Jake)

This really comes in handy because I have been doing a decent amount of bike riding lately and am never quite sure how much mileage I have put in. Although, I did find that a ride I was particularly proud of was about half the number of miles I thought it was (I blame mapquest). Oh well, better luck next time.