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It’s a group effort (alternatively titled If you love Lady Sovereign… and you know you do)

That crazy Zach Slow is up to some joyful new sheeeeeenanigans. And it is worth checking out. It is even better to participate. Besides who wants to miss the latest from the one and only Jelly Donut?

I am issuing a challenge grant… (I should probably set a maximum on this amount, huh?) any of you folks who make a contribution to these efforts, I will match your contribution dollar for dollar so let me know if you donate.


Digital depedence

I have recently lost two of my closest (digital) friends… first the iPod and now… oh god, I am tearing up as I even think of it, I have lost my laptop. To make matters worse Southwest Airlines is responsible for both of these unfortunate events (OK, the iPod was clearly my fault, but that is not as much the point here as the fact that it was on a Southwest airplane). I was flying standby this weekend on my way back from Seattle and in turn the last person to board the plane. As you know, if you have done any bit of traveling, especially on Southwest, that there are people who decide that “one larger carryon in the overhead and one smaller one under the seat in front of you” really means both these items plus their guitar case, three large shopping bags, the “lap” riding baby, and their full length down coat with scarf hat and gloves should all go in the over head bin – god I hate those people. And because of these overly courteous folks, first I had to leave my bag at the gate to be “checked” and then I had to endure nasty glares and huffs from the lady who had to move her other 2 bags that were sitting on the last available seat on the plane in order for me to have a place to sit. Who the hell do I think I am making her move her bags? I know, I am terrible. Anyway, I return to San Francisco to find that my suitcase did not. That was Sunday. It is now Tuesday. Let’s all say a little prayer in hopes for the safe return of my suitcase (with laptop!) and maybe even someday, my iPod.

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I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore (thank god)

Looks like Kansas is really cracking the whip on underage marriage, raising the minimum age requirement from 14 all the way to 15 – way to go Kansas!

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Seattle is closer to France than to Texas

I am off to Seattle this weekend to see my home sister from way back in the day. She is rockin’ creative and talented which is why you should spend some time on her website and her tube. Upon the agenda is general tom foolery and rockin’ out to The Primate Five. This is my first trip to the Pacific Northwest, which is part of the country I once thought I would move to even though I had never been there. I wonder if it will live up to the reputation it has earned in my head.

I am in love with my city right now. I feel flooded with inspiration. I have a million things I want to be doing and I am managing to actually work on about half a million of them, which leaves me feeling satisfied and happy. I miss you Chicago, but San Francisco is doing right by me.

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The right thing

As I am sure you have heard by now, Zacarias Moussaoui’s life was spared and he was sentenced to life in prison. I believe the jury came to the right decision because while he may have been privy to the 9/11 plots, he made no actions in the attacks. If we start killing people for conspiracy, then hell – I could have been sent to trial for a “what-if”conversation I had last night. It seems many Americans today still want so much to see someone pay for what happened, but killing a man who was not there definitely would not have been the answer, so for this I breath a sigh of relief. Besides, aren’t there already enough folks paying for this every single day?

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Love is senile

A moden day Harold and Maude! (one of my all time favorite films)
A 33 year old man in Malaysia has married a 104 year old woman. While it was his first marriage, it was her 21st.

“I am not after her money, as she is poor,” Muhamad reportedly said. “Before meeting Wook, I never stayed in one place for long.”

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