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If not for your health, then do it for the gas

As our recent history shows, Americans in general don’t seem to get angry about much other than rising gas prices. Perhaps the additional cost of hauling their oversized butts around will encourage them to lose some weight since the looming onset of cancer, heart disease and diabetes does not seem to be doing the trick.


The history of books

I am currently reading “All Families are Psychotic” by Douglas Copeland. This is a hand me down from Afterlife, as many of my reads are. I enjoy reading books after him be because he underlines and annotates things and it is always interesting to see what parts of the story impacted someone else. I like trying to figure out why something was worth underlining. Today I saw a slip of paper peaking out from the rear cover and opened to find a jackpot of boarding passes and plane tickets. San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., Detroit, Charlotte and Las Vegas. All of these trips within the weeks it took him to read the book. It makes me feel good to hold onto something that accompanied him while he was away from me.