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Mos’ definitely

The other night I stopped by the coffee shop before I went to class. The 2 girls behind the counter were chatting and one said she was going to see Mos Def. The second girl inquired further because she did not know of Mos Def and the first girl replied “Oh its punk rock.” I thought to myself that I must have misunderstood who she was talking about because 1. I had not heard that Mos Def was touring and 2. Even if you take into consideration Mos Def’s “The New Danger” album (snubbed by many Mos fans, not including myself) or his band Black Jack Johnson you still could never categorize one of hip hop’s best MCs as punk rock.

Much to my dismay the coffee girl, althought wrong about his genre, was right that Mos Def was playing here. The show was announced the same day it was performed and still sold out. What a heartbreaker.

Coincidentally, I have “Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme” sitting at the house waiting to be watched which features Mos Def among many other amazing hip hop artists. While it will not replace the show I missed, it might help ease the disappointment.


The unintended consequences of war

Apparently the Israeli/Lebanese war is causing sky rocketing pirces in the cannabis industry.

Boosted security on the Lebanon frontier brought a drastic reduction in drug smuggling, with the cost of cannabis in Israel up eight-fold, the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported on Tuesday