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Ode to a Suby

Last night I was caught off guard at the sea of emotion that overcame me when I cleaned out my car. The little Subaru that could has been more than good to me, despite my being a somewhat negligent car owner and I feel a little bit like I am abandoning a great friend who has always been there for me. She put up no fuss when I had a hitch installed on her rear end. She held strong and dragged a Uhaul trailer the 1,200 mile stretch between Salt Lake and Chicago. The winters in the Midwest were tough, but she always got me where I needed to go. When I decided to load up the Uhaul again years later to head out west, I heard no complaints about the 2,100 mile trip ahead of us. Since I’ve been out here in the great city of San Francisco, I realized that life is easier on public transit. The only time I spend with her now is on Sunday and Tuesday nights when I have to move her from one side of the road to another for street cleaning. I decided she would get the attention she needs if I take her back home to Salt Lake where my folks can take advantage of her gung ho attitude towards life…

Here’s to our last great adventure together!