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It’s so wrong

I guess it is Fashion Week in Milan and apparently leggins are the new must have items… for MEN?!?


Will the fake chipmonkey please sit down

I was googling myself recently to see what other Chipmonkeys are doing out there and clicked on the “video” tab of the google search only to discover this gem of a video. Between his voice and the subject matter, it had me giggling so I figured I should share.


Mmmmm… porky!

To celebrate the upcoming Year of the Pig, China has put out a stamp that not only has the cutest picture of pigs, but apparently with a little scratch and sniff action smells of sweet and sour pork and more importantly tastes like sweet and sour pork when you lick it. I have to get my hands on some of these.



There is much hub bub going on in my fair city this week as Macworld is going on. One of the more popular topics, as I am sure you have heard, is the flashy new iPhone, which Hugh MacLeod so cleverly sums up here. Turns out iPhone is a Cisco Systems trademark and they aren’t particulary happy that Apple is making it their own.


Turning Water Into Wine (alternately titled: Turning Delicious “Chik’n” Nuggets into Coal”)

I stepped into the house this evening and it smelled as if someone were cooking. Knowing that my man was not home, I thought it curious. I walked into the kitchen and happened to glance at the toaster oven, noticing small black chunks inside it. Upon further inspection I recognized the shapes to be my favorite Morning Star Farms Chik’n Nuggets. Apparently Mike put these babies in the toaster oven last night only to be reacquainted with them when he was running out the door this morning. It’s a wonder the house didn’t burn down. I guess this is why he generally leaves the cooking to me 🙂

The best part is that they actually kind of sparkle. I wonder if we left them in a little longer if they’d turn from coal to diamonds.


How low can you go?


And the calorie count you ask?

If 2.5 calories per piece is not low calorie then what, pray-tell, is?

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