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Home is where?

After a slow start and some no-show moving buddies we managed to move into our new place on Sunday. Many thanks to those of you that did show up to help, it means so much to us. We did not get much unpacked, but got the bed setup so we had a place to sleep. Now begins the painful process of finding homes for all the stuff in the boxes stacked precariously in the spare bedroom.

The cats were pretty wigged out with all the packing and moving going on around them. We brought them up to the new place after all the moving was complete. June was hesitant for about 3 seconds and then began running around, checking out every nook and cranny and seemed very pleased with the place. Henry did not fare as well. He wouldn’t even come out of the cat carrier that we had to force him into 30 minutes earlier. When we did get him out, he crouched low to the ground and wandered around suspiciously until he found a closet corner to hide in. He wanted nothing to do with the place. He wouldn’t even eat, he just hid under the bed. By last night he would follow us into the living areas, still paranoid, but he’s getting more comfortable by the hour.

These next few weeks will be long as we head into the wedding… between unpacking and pulling together the last minute wedding details, I also have to deal with school – argh! Not to mention my fiancĂ© will be out of town starting Friday and we will not see each other until we arrive in SLC for the wedding.

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