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We can work it out

I recently came across a great project that I think everyone should try (at least in some form) 101 Goals in 1001 Days.

I am still in the brainstorming stage trying to iron out all of my goals. At this point I’ve only come up with 40 and it has been really tough to dig up more without them feeling like fluff. Even though I haven’t officially started on the action plans, I have certainly started taking action on some things on my list and that in itself feels pretty great.

Today I came across a great article at Zen Habits that lists advice to help with one of my most important goals, to maintain a healthy and happy marriage. Since it is brand new, I want to be sure we start off strong and that it stays that way.

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Ride Well

One of my few gripes with San Francisco is the poor public transportation etiquette I’ve experienced, especially during rush hours. The most heinous of these offenses is when people stand in front of the doors of the train while they are waiting to board and once the doors open, they immediately begin cramming in instead of standing aside so that people can exit first. I do not recall having this problem in any other city.

Some other barley less offensive behaviors include:
* Standing in the entryway of the train instead of moving to the middle (surely this is due to the first offense listed, people are understandably worried they won’t be able to get off the train)
* People who don’t take empty seats and instead help make the already crowded aisles even more crowded
* People not giving up seats when elderly, handicapped, pregnant, etc. people board
* Lastly, people that listen to music (generally really crappy copies of said music on really crappy mp3 cell phones) without headphones

Apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way as a guide to riding BART and MUNI has been compiled, with a very comprehensive list of tips (and pictures!). Everyone that rides public trans in any city should read through this and keep all these tidbits in mind to make everyone’s riding experience a little better.

As you might have guessed, step 4 is definitely my favorite.


Spare some change?

Radiohead has managed to sneak in an album release on October 10th. It has been some 4 years since their last release with former record label EMI. What makes this release special is that they are offering the album as a digital download and they are letting their fans decide how much they want to pay for it. That’s right, you feel like paying a buck? You get the album. You feel like paying twenty bucks? You get the album.

Way to rage against the corporate record label machine!