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I was perusing* glancing through craigslist recently and came across a listing for a Polaroid transfer workshop. I’ve always had a little soft spot for Polaroids so I thought I should sign up for it. I see people using Photoshop to recreate the looks of these, but I am very happy I now know where that comes from and how to do it. The sad truth is that eventually (in the very near future) Polaroid film is simply not going to be available so this really will turn into a lost art form. That feels a little bit sad.

I had to get some of my digital images turned into slides for this project and wow was I impressed. I got a few of my own images done as well as a couple from our wedding. I forget how wonderful the color is on slides – it was a real treat. Maybe I’ll find myself an old slide projector so I have more use for these slides (as well as have an excuse to get more slides).

Anyway, Anna Fizyta taught the workshop. She has a lot of great examples of her various Polaroid manipulation projects on her website, you should check them out. All this Polaroid talk also reminded me of this great artist I met at the Utah Arts Festival named Joachim Knill. He built his own huge Polaroid camera and creates some really great images. He has done some off-the-wall scenes with food – three of which hang in my kitchen (bananas, tomato crossing and pear hikers).

*I’ve always used this word wrong and apparently so do many others. I have always used it to mean casually glancing through something, but in reality it means to read or review something with great detail…

**If you are ever tempted to buy those little two-minute in a box dishes from Trader Joe’s (Pad Thai, Kung Pao and Peanut Sauce), spare yourself. They sound like a good idea, but taste pretty awful.



I just returned from a great trip to Chicago where I got to help celebrate an up and coming bundle of joy, a new marriage and of course, old friendships. This trip was extremely rewarding and relaxing for me. I had a chance to do some fun portraits. I discovered that I definitely need more practice and I need some different lighting options.

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