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Lens Decisions… Epic Fail

We made our way to Seattle for the weekend to help celebrate a new marriage. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to take some tips from a recent shutter sisters post on photographing friend’s weddings, but not being your friend’s wedding photographer. I excitedly rented the Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 AF-S VR telephoto lens to help me catch moments without being in the faces of the subjects. It was an amazingly powerful lens but absolutely the worst choice for my needs. I was too close to the bride and groom and the other guests to make use of it!

I’m a lemons to lemonade type of girl though, so I turned my “capture-that-magic-wedding-moment” lens into a “pretend-I’m-a-cop-doing-surveillance-on-The-Wire” lens which was loads of fun even though it may not have produced the most captivating images. Especially since we were staying in a very quiet area of town. So I ended up with a lot of men-at work photos like these:

Things on the water photos like this:

And pictures of people and animals that were unaware they were being photographed:

I’m looking forward to meeting this lens again, just under more appropriate circumstances 🙂

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